Payment is before the session by bank transfer. (In some circumstances I am able to accept cash at the time of the session but this needs to be agreed first). Once payment is recieved your booking is confirmed.

The costs are per 50 minute session:

Taster session (special offer): £25 this will be an online/telephone session for new clients only.

Online: £45.00

Telephone: £45.00

Face to face: £45.00

You are welcome to opt for a mixture of in person and online/telephone if that is best suited to your diary.

Cancellation: This must be done at least 48 hours before the session to ensure non payment.

Where are you based?

I am based in Poole, Dorset. I work in Poundbury, Dorset, one day a week too. I also work online and by telephone so I can work with you wherever you are. There is free parking available on the road at both Dorset locations.

How do I know therapy is for me?

Therapy is for you if you need some space to process and explore feelings, events and experiences that have happened, or are happening in your life. It can be about anything.

There is no expectation from me of what you will bring. It may even change from week to week.

If you bring something that I feel is better suited to a specialist I may with your consent suggest some more supportive expert options for you.

What is therapy?

Talking therapy is when a person seeks support from a counsellor or psychologist to talk through some of their concerns. It is not advice giving but an exploration of feelings, thoughts and ideas that can help empower you to make the right decisions for you in your life. There is no judgement from the counsellor and they should not give their opinion too. It is a space where you can say whatever you need or want to.

Some areas therapy can support with include:

Hurt, self esteem, relationships, trauma, eating disorders, stress, anger, low mood, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, illness, bullying, feeling lost or stuck, sometimes you just need a confidential space to be heard in.

Please note: Counselling is not a crisis service so communication between appointments is limited organising the appointments and cancellations etc But within the session slot there is time to share and bring whatever you need to. If you feel you would like a longer slot please let me know and we can arrange this.

How often should I come and is it the same day every week?

Once a week is the normal frequency however some people may wish to have more and some people less. We can discuss what is best for you at the first session.

It doesn’t have to be the same day, I understand that some people work shifts or have things going on that mean the same day and time is just not right for them. However if you would like the same day and time that can be arranged too.

What if I want to finish?

You can have as many sessions with me as you want.

Sometimes you feel ready to stop therapy for a variety of reasons, just let me know in advance and we will have one final session the next time to bring it all together.

How do you keep confidentiality?

Everything you tell me is confidential and kept between us. There are a few exceptions to this e.g. If there is a high risk of harm to you or someone else. If you tell me something that includes a legal requirement for me to inform an agency of a serious crime e.g. human trafficking, money laundering etc 

What if I have a change of circumstances?

If you find yourself no longer able to continue counselling due to life changes please discuss this with me. We may be able to find an arrangement that can work or we can plan an ending. You can always come back to me if you ever need to.

What if you are counselling someone I know?

If you know someone who is already being counselled by myself please mention this at the time of booking. In some cases if it is someone very close to you that you may want to discuss it is not appropriate to have the same counsellor. We can discuss this further at the consultation call.

How do I book?

It is easy to book, just click on the link here. I will get in touch and you can see if I am right for you. During the call I will check when you are available, explain a bit about how I work, see what you would like help with and book in the first session if that is what you would like.

 Email or message 07442662287