I can work with different needs and whatever you want to bring, as well as this there are 3 specific areas that I have focussed my training and learning on.


If you experience anxiety I can work with you to help explore and manage your anxiety. I can provide sessions that utilise evidence based anxiety interventions including exposure response work, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and mindfulness. For anxiety a minimum of 6 sessions is a great start. At the end of 6 we can review your needs and if you wish to continue we can do as many as you like. I have completed several special anxiety trainings.

Workplace based stress

I worked for many years in the education sector and experienced significant stress in this role. I have come to learn a lot about the impact of work on life and mental wellbeing. I can help you explore boundaries, communication and stress management as part of this focus to help improve your experiences.

Managing a new diagnosis of a loved one or yourself

When you or a loved one gets a diagnosis it can come as a shock, there can be a mixture of feelings and thoughts. Therapy can be a good space to help process and understand these thoughts and feelings. I have lived experience of both and can help you explore what you are going through.

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